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Spoken Word

God gives us all gifts and we are made in His image.  One of the ways the HOLY SPIRIT teaches Stevie to "die to self" best is by using HUMOR-TO-HOLY metaphors. To laugh at her human foibles in a humble way, returning to that innocent, childlike wonderment that keeps her close to God.  It is her prayer that the Lord uses her as an instrument of WORSHIP AND WIT, bringing WORDS OF WISDOM to her fellow brothers and sisters.   

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Public Speaking- Sharing Testimony

One of the many blessings God has gifted me with is branding fellow Christian ENTREPRENEURS and BUSINESSES. Ranging from Christian artists, speakers, magazines, publicly-traded companies, best-selling authors and more! My side-project "Content for the King" is two-fold, helping fellow Christians expand their God-driven projects, while also staying true to the fact that all content I create is for the Lord. I dedicate all projects to Him, as He provides them and it is my prayer to glorify Him through my service to others. 

Social Media Creation 

A HUGE FAN of authentic expression and genuine dialogue, I have had the privilege of witnessing what truly works in digital marketing. It isn't software and it isn't spam. In fact, it isn't solely promotional at all. Rather, it is about the TIMELESS and ALWAYS TRENDING "strategy" of real connections and generous value up-front. Word-of-mouth marketing is still number one, and my detailed proposals outline which outlets are ideal for you to BUILD RAPPORT, EARN RESPECT and GAIN RETENTION, REVENUE & REFERRALS!



From Luke Warm to On-Fire

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My Testimony: 


I lived with my grandparents until I was 5, my mother was 16 years old with two kids and she simply could not take care of us. When I was 5, my older sister and I moved from Kansas to Oklahoma, to live with my mother who I had never bonded with; things were not so easy. We were extremely poor, so I was bullied, picked on, always alone and never had any friends. At the age of 8 my mother started going to a Church in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. And the men of this Church invested in myself and my sister, always coming to pick us up on Wednesdays and Sundays to always attend the Church services. We would always go and I would hear bits and pieces of Christianity, things about Jesus and who he was, and what he did, tiny seeds that never grew into anything. I never went to Church to hear about Jesus though, I always went because I wanted to be around the kids, play basketball, and eat the free snacks. Honestly, I just didn’t want to be home. At the age of 14 I was baptized, sure, I took the baptism class and I learned what it meant to be baptized and why I was doing it. But, I had no desire to obey God, or read my Bible or any pull on my heart to walk a different life. When I was 15 my family moved to a different town, and we never went back to Church as a family again. That was the beginning of a long and lonely walk without Christ in our lives, that still affects my family today. And it affected me for the next 10 years. I moved to another school, where no one knew who I was, I was finally free to be me! And people liked me! High school flew by and then it was time to go to college, I discovered women, Alcohol, parties, drugs, everything that the world has to offer and calls fun. I was married when I was 21, shortly before I joined the United States Air Force. I was not a good husband, all I cared about was being the best Airman that I could be, and I was good at it. I was full of pride, I was conceited, selfish, mean, angry, full of rage. I hated the world because it had never been nice to me, I always had to fight to survive, alone. 4 years into my marriage my wife and I got a divorce, I found out the little girl I was raising was not mine. And After this everything started to completely collapse around me. I had been a drinker since 18 years of age and I turned to the bottle to suppress all my pain. I moved from my home on base to my buddie’s home out in the middle of nowhere, I was so rock bottom, I was living in a basement. I had spent the last couple of months in complete sadness, crying every day, hurting, I was completely broken. One day in the mid of the day when my buddies were at work, I was home alone. I cracked open the bottle to perform my nightly routine of getting drunk. This afternoon was different though, something was off, I could feel it. I took a couple of drinks and started taking my rage and anger out on God, well, if there was a God. I didn’t believe there was, but how could I hate something if it wasn’t real? I had no idea what I believed, I just wanted to give up on life, I wanted to end it all. This afternoon I got into a rage filled yelling match with God, I told him I hated him, I cussed at him, blaming him for everything that had gone wrong in my life. I completely exhausted everything, I finally had nothing left to say, I threw it all at him. The thing that happened next, I will never forget. Sobbing, I hung my head in defeat, saying “I don’t know what you want from me Lord, I have nothing left” I fell to my knees and said “I surrender”. In that moment, I heard God inside myself, a small, still voice, that said “Ryan do you hear me now?” I instantly felt a way I had never felt in my life. I knew I was in the presence of the Holy Spirit, It was like Jesus was standing there all along with his arms wide open just waiting for me to surrender for a hug. I then knew fear, a deep, deep fear of the Lord. Not what I had felt or knew prior, because what I felt or knew prior was that I was afraid, afraid to turn to God, afraid to talk to him, to seek him, afraid to know him. I feared now, never being with him, never being in his presence, never not knowing him again. I surrendered to Christ, repented for my sins and accepted the Holy Spirit right there. I love telling people this part of my testimony because it’s like they always expect something even more miraculous to happen, and It did; inside of me, Jesus healed my heart and in a moment, I had an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the course of the next 2 years, Christ was slowly pulling me out of the world. I didn’t instantly run to read my Bible, nor did I instantly run to a Church, God knew exactly what I needed. But, I started to change, I started to feel compassion for the people I once truly hated. I started to not enjoy going to parties, and bars, I would rather stay in the comfort of my own home. I started to no longer care about sexual relations with women. I started to not desire the things of the world that once blinded me, there was something different in me, and others saw it. I felt the pull on my heart the last year of my Military career to leave the military and do ministry for the Lord full time. Needless to say, I did not give into this at all. I didn’t want to leave the job I was so good at, the job that I idolized. Shortly after, I was hurt at work, and this affected my ability to reenlist. I was Honorably discharged, and set out for Arizona, not listening to the pull on my heart to join ministry. I moved to the west coast to fulfill my dreams and desires of being a public speaker, author, and life coach. The move was effortless, and upon arrival I started my life coaching training and got mixed up in the New Age and Occult practices. Not knowing I was being deceived, after all they talked about Jesus just like I did, but to them he was an ascended master? I was to speak at a convention about my testimony and they would not let me speak about Jesus, they would not even let me talk about him unless I mentioned and acknowledged everyone else’s gods. I told them I would not leave out the name of Jesus. It was my testimony, he is my testimony. I left 3 days later, along side my wife now, Stephanie Minner. Together we both left those deceptive practices, fully surrendered to God’s grace, and now here we are. We both have since then been baptized together, Married, work at our local Church and now run an online Business Marketing/Management company together, Digital Disciples.

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