I'll meet you at the foot of the cross...

Today, I received a very important call. The MOST IMPORTANT CALL ANYONE COULD EVER RECEIVE! The one where your fiancee is moved to tears because he experienced first-hand another moment of God's GRACE! The profound awareness that Jesus IS THE GROOM, and we the Church, His Bride. That no one could OBEY FULLY the law, and that time and time again, men (women, included) failed. Even the holiest and most obedient (Adam, Moses, Noah, Lot) You name it.... we all fell short. But Christ..... He came to fulfill the law and do what none of the above named could do. No matter how obedient. Jesus Christ came to commit to his bride and to hold us (the Church) up when she could't stand on her own - knowing we too would fall short, just as Eve was deceived and Adam disobeyed. Today, Ryan called to laugh with me in the presence of the Holy Spirit - something we just cannot avoid. It truly is a VERY REAL EXPERIENCE. JESUS CHRIST IS REAL! IS ALIVE! WALKS AMONG US and RESIDeS IN US! The Holy Spirit comforts us and literally takes over our entire bodies and all you can feel is compassion and joy literally drowning your ego.... LIKE MENTOS IN A SODA, IT TAKES OVER AND BUBBLES OUT OF YOU IN FITS OF LAUGHTER AND HUMILITY AND TEARS. An undeniable awareness of HIS HOLY, HOLY PRESENCE!!!!

I feel so unbelievably HONORED to know this man as my brother in Christ before anything in addition. I love that FIRST AND FOREMOST we are absolutely aware that we are both HIS BRIDE. That we make up the Church. That we live first and foremost for Christ, and that no matter what our lives look like, we ALWAYS CAN MEET AT THE FOOT OF THE CROSS IN TEARS AND LAUGHTER! IT NEVER FAILS. EVERY SINGLE TIME ONE OF US IS FEELING HIS PRESENCE, THE OTHER DOES ALSO. AND WE WIND UP SHARING DIALOGUE OF UNCONTROLLABLE SOBBING AND GIGGLING.

HOW BLESSED WE ARE TO KNOW THE LORD. To be in His presence. It literally does BAPTIZE YOU. IMMERSE YOU. CASCADE OVER YOU and THROUGH YOU. POURS INTO YOU. AND OUT OF YOU. We BATHE in HIS HOLY PRESENCE!!!!  To know that He loves us as He literally changes the condition of our hearts each day to grow closer and closer to HIM!!! And each day, I grow closer to Ryan because he also pursues the cross.

Meeting him there was the best place - and remembering to meet there everyday is the greatest promise I could ever hope to fulfill in a life with you, Ryan!

God bless you all! Thank you so much for supporting my walk with Christ and our walk together hand-in-hand to Him as a couple!