Christian Comedy

God gives us all gifts and we are made in His image.  One of the ways the HOLY SPIRIT teaches Stevie to "die to self" best is by using HUMOR-TO-HOLY metaphors. To laugh at her human foibles in a humble way, returning to that innocent, childlike wonderment that keeps her close to God.  It is her prayer that the Lord uses her as an instrument of WORSHIP AND WIT, bringing WORDS OF WISDOM to her fellow brothers and sisters.   

"Content for the King"

One of the many blessings God has gifted me with is branding fellow Christian ENTREPRENEURS and BUSINESSES. Ranging from Christian artists, speakers, magazines, publicly-traded companies, best-selling authors and more! My side-project "Content for the King" is two-fold, helping fellow Christians expand their God-driven projects, while also staying true to the fact that all content I create is for the Lord. I dedicate all projects to Him, as He provides them and it is my prayer to glorify Him through my service to others. 

Social Media Creation (blogs + images)

A HUGE FAN of authentic expression and genuine dialogue, I have had the privilege of witnessing what truly works in digital marketing. It isn't software and it isn't spam. In fact, it isn't solely promotional at all. Rather, it is about the TIMELESS and ALWAYS TRENDING "strategy" of real connections and generous value up-front. Word-of-mouth marketing is still number one, and my detailed proposals outline which outlets are ideal for you to BUILD RAPPORT, EARN RESPECT and GAIN RETENTION, REVENUE & REFERRALS!

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My Testimony: 

Where to begin?  It is always difficult to boast about the Lord without sharing a great deal about ourselves. But this truly isn't about me. It's about how Jesus Christ came into my life and ever since has been changing the condition of my heart from self-serving to being of service.  Long story short? After a childhood of molestation, living in group homes and detention centers, post-emancipation, joining the military at 17, I was far-removed from the idea of having a personal relationship with Christ and instead, I sought my identity through promiscuity, perpetuating an already significant lack-of-self-worth. I pendulum swung between self-loathing, and bouts of self-righteousness to preserve any ounce of self-esteem I actually had mustered to get through each day. After nearly 12 years of military service, I was honorably discharged and high-tailed it to the healing arts - finding a superficial peace that made me tolerant to the point of compromise.  Everything was seemingly "love and light" and as I practiced many metaphysical, occult practices - ranging from channeling "angels" to tarot card readings, kundalini yoga to intuitive studies with pendulums and crystals, I rose to stardom as an author and ambassador in a community of like-minded practitioners. I found fame. Endorsement of my book. Travel. Speaking. My ego loved it all. Yet still, I felt empty - like I was always seeking. My children began to see a red-eyed spirit in the bedroom that kept them from brushing their teeth alone.  I knew something wasn't quite "right".  So about three years in, I cried out one day while driving,  "Capital T Truth, I want to know you. Show me" - and there I was, an instant later, pulled over, sobbing in disbelief yet undeniable Truth that I was in the presence of our Holy Savior. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. All 3-in-1. There. Filling my body with a compassion that was NOT MY OWN. For up until that point, my entire practice was self-serving under the guise of compassion (false humility). I was humbled. I was in awe and I feared the Lord in a way that His sheep know is the respectful reverence and fear of ever being absent of His presence again. This began a journey that ultimately led me away from my lucrative, worldly fame and fortune, and into the arms of Christ and my fellow brethren at my home church, LifePoint in San Tan Valley, AZ. Soon after leaving my practice behind, I burned hundreds of card decks and books from my shelves, removed (and lost) thousands of "followers" and "fans" and began the most sacred and fulfilling journey I ever imagined could exist.  A TRUE, REAL relationship with Jesus Christ. The One True King.  Humbly aware that I am no better than anyone else - in fact, wretched by all means - it is my prayer that I can use the many blessings I was graciously given for GOOD - supporting and serving like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ, as they themselves walk with Him, working with their hands and bringing glory to our Father.  It is my honor to take all that I learned and used for self-promotion, to instead, advance the Kingdom of God. I am His Digital Disciple.  

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