Egos Are Like Farts...a comedic approach to Christ's Compassion


I know it sounds crass... but in Truth, it's my cross

Honored to see you here! Egos & Farts are hints to humility!  Dying to self and learning to be more compassionate with others is EASY when we relate it to one of the most common everyday occurrences we all share! How is comparing our egotistical pride to our flatulence going to help us be more compassionate? Well, if we were as mindful and courteous about airing our EGOS as we are our FARTS, we could express ourselves in less-offensive ways and tolerate one another far more. 

Although it may seem crass, my ego's self-righteousness is my cross.  My Truth is that God gave me this "divine download" when sitting in class and questioning how to be of service - and less selfish.  He invited me to OBSERVE the mind chatter that took place daily within my thoughts. The temper tantrums that my ego would express regularly. MY PRIDE in the pendulum swing between inferior and superior.  "Better than others" or "Not good enough". God knows His children and shared with me a jovial and childlike way to approach compassion - comedy!  

"Egos are Like Farts" for many reasons. Particularly 9 reasons shared in the book! This content quickly turned into stand-up comedy, interactive workshops at churches, schools, universities, company culture meetings and more! 

May you find humor and joy with these COMEDIC COMPARISONS that are so profoundly similar!  Once you practice them, you will see how ENLIGHTENED your experiences can be and how easily CHRIST'S COMPASSION with yourself and others can manifest into a less toxic world! 

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