Thank you! I am HONORED and GRATEFUL to serve if God's Will!! So, where to begin?  There are many options and I have been blessed with an extensive background in social media marketing.  The truth is, there are THOUSANDS OF OPTIONS everyday in a world that is ever-evolving online! That said, and against all other spammy and business-salesy judgment, I continue to tell people the ONLY TWO THINGS I have EVER SEEN WORK CONSISTENTLY! 

When creating content, ORGANIC, AUTHENTIC CONTENT AND ENGAGEMENT is KEY! Meaning, you show up consistently sharing content that provides value-up-front, by way of being INSPIRING, EDUCATIONAL and ENGAGING.  You BUILD RAPPORT, which EARNS RESPECT (in a heavily-spammy and solely promotional realm that has turned many against anything remotely sales-driven online) and then ULTIMATELY, GAINS RETENTION (people come back to your site or social media channel regularly), REFERRALS (people share your content or tag their friends to see yours) and REVENUE (after brand exposure upwards of 7x, sharing content that is GENEROUS in fun, information and dialogue, they are inclined to vote with their dollar and BUY FROM YOU - a trusted source!)

I offer content that is BACK-TO-BASICS and always TRENDING! A timeless focus on images that are clean, fun, educational, inspiring and engaging! These themes are well-received because they go back to the grassroots of being REAL and GENUINELY CARING ABOUT your customer. Showing you are there to provide a service or product to them that will help them!

ALL SUCCESSFUL marketing answers... "What's In It for ME?" (me being the customer, of course).  So though it may seem old-fashioned and out-dated, the TRUTH IS, nearly all software (like third party applications for managing social media, analytics that tell you the best time to post, and programs that buy likes, followers and leads) are ALMOST ALWAYS a SCAM, SHAM or ill-received SPAM!

I swear by it, as I have seen it happen time and time again at the agencies I have worked for.  It is why I branched out and swear by the old-fashioned, always trending and timeless approach to social media. Quality content that is aesthetically appealing, generous in info and entertainment, and encourages opinions to be shared by the consumer (so they feel heard, as well as, to provide free market research feedback for future content.)

Social media is an integral piece of your online presence. It also has a return on investment that isn't always financially seen right away. Every successful business owner knows that it takes TIME and PATIENCE and FAITH and PASSION to GROW a fan and customer base. That said, you must determine what your intentions are, and what your budget will allow for your start-up or running business. I offer many different options to cater to where you (and your budget) are at in the process. Let me know which best suits you or even if you have another idea in mind that may allow both your business to grow and me to be of service!

Many people choose to do their own content due to start-up budgets and maybe even staff in-house with capabilities – plus the ever-advancing and super affordable graphic design templates and social media post generators.  Your best bet is to reach me via email with questions at or to check out my gigs on Fiverr at