Business Coaching + Consulting

The longer I serve as a Business Instructor, the more blessed I am to develop my skills and gain a deeper understanding of online entrepreneurship as a whole – all while providing a valuable service to you all as my clients and making a decent income that allows for time with my husband and kids, two American Bulldogs, occasional evenings with my volleyball league, and - OF COURSE - the ability to keep the Sabbath Holy! That said, my hours are Monday-Thursday and my rates are humble yet honor the time and knowledge that goes into each project I am blessed to serve in!   

Basics of Business

The basics are KEY! A foundation must be set in stone before you build upon it! These are the very basics you can expect in a business consult session. 

  1. Business Name - Brainstorming clever and non-trademarked names for LLC. 

  2. Mission and Vision statements - a MUST that allows every future business decision to be made (directly mirroring these two statements)

  3. SOAR Analysis - knowing what your brand's Strengths, Opportunities, Areas for Improvement and Resources are for continued growth.

  4. Logo design and favicon designs for all future content.

  5. Product and Services List (and pricing help also!)

  6. Niche Audience (Who benefits most and where they congregate)


Customers take up a lot of time and attention. And thank GOD for them! There are quite a few of these that you'll want to consider having!

  1. Social Media platforms. Which you should be on and why (tailored to your niche audience and products/services)

  2. Content Creation. How to make your own content for free (brochures, business cards, presentations, social media, press kits and more!)

  3. Article writing and Self-Publishing. How to get published for FREE. 

  4. Press and Podcast opportunities. Expos and Exhibits. How to get in front of your audience - in real-time! 

Content Production - Outsource it to me!

Content production, especially for bloggers, is a huge task. This is a great and relatively easy way to be of service to those of you wanting such.

  1. Sourcing photos

  2. Editing photos (including adding text and your logo to posts)

  3. Formatting posts to be published

  4. Adding internal links to posts

  5. Adding affiliate links to posts

  6. Editing posts

  7. Scheduling posts

  8. Coordinating with contributors

  9. Managing an editorial calendar

  10. Topic idea generation

  11. Drafting content

  12. Topic research

  13. Compiling, formatting, and/or uploading ebooks

  14. Keyword research

Social Media- Outsource to me! 

Social media can be a great expansion for any entrepreneurial endeavor! It is ALL ABOUT BUILDING RAPPORT>EARNING RESPECT> which then GAINS RETENTION, REVENUE & REFERRALS! 

  1. Promoting new posts across social media

  2. Promoting old posts across social media

  3. Promoting posts of others’ across social media

  4. Creating unique updates

  5. Sharing images/graphics/videos

  6. Replying to mentions/messages/comments on social media

  7. Designing banners, headers and backgrounds

  8. Setting up new pages, accounts, groups, etc.

  9. Creating Content Calendars to support Specific Campaigns tailored to your niche audience!


Internet marketing is a “hot topic” right now, and the more you use this rapidly expanding niche, the more valuable your services will be. 

  1. Setting up webinars

  2. Providing tech support during webinars

  3. Overseeing sales funnels

  4. Creating newsletters and autoresponder sequences


As I am blessed with NEW PROJECTS and learn my way around online entrepreneurship, I've began picking up additional valuable skills that aren’t necessarily simple to categorize but are still highly valuable. These are just a few of them.

  1. Creating landing pages, splash pages, opt-in forms, etc.

  2. Graphic design

  3. Infographic design

Final Thoughts:

This list of what you can learn is extensive, but by no means exhaustive. If you’ve got additional requests for technical skills or expertise, let me know and we can see if it is in my wheelhouse to learn and implement for you!  Lets be honest! I am building my own business too and I cannot be of service if you aren't! YOUR SUCCESS IS MY SUCCESS! By picking up new skills, understanding business systems at a bird’s-eye level, and/or specializing in one or two specific areas, I make yourself even more marketable and become better equipped to run my own successful business while helping your maintain and grow yours!