Hi, I’m Stevie!

I create custom blogs and social media images to help entrepreneurs and small businesses build an online voice and presence, allowing them to focus on the aspects of their brand that they are most passionate about!

I am also a published author and college instructor who occasionally helps with the self-publishing process, as well as, teaching branding strategies via 1-1 sessions or group seminars/presentations!

I LOVE using (and giving) FREE resources to help you get your brand online in ways that honor your budget. Whether you need in-house training or prefer to outsource creation of content to a freelancer like myself, I am certain I have tips of the trade for you!

Workshops & Instruction

As a published author and branding strategist, I am familiar with strategies that are both timeless and trending when it comes to building a brand’s social media presence online and via published works. I am happy to visit your location and offer workshops, presentations and video webinars that teach these strategies in an engaging and effective way.



From branding fellow ENTREPRENEURS and BUSINESSES to walking clients through the self-publishing process, I am honored to meet with you in person or via Skype to get a real-time understanding of who your products and services are tailored to, who your niche audience is, and how best to market to them in an authentic and cost-effective way.

Freelance Blogging and Images

A HUGE FAN of authentic expression and genuine dialogue, I have had the privilege of witnessing what truly works in digital marketing. It isn't software and it isn't spam. In fact, it isn't solely promotional at all. Rather, it is about the TIMELESS and ALWAYS TRENDING "strategy" of real connections and generous value up-front.  Blogs and social media images do just that and I am happy to create both for your business!

Blogs w/ custom images


We all know (or should know) that BLOGS most definitely help with search engine rankings!  Anyone sharing original content is presumed to be providing AUTHENTIC, ORGANIC, AUTHORITATIVE content - and THAT IS PRECISELY WHAT GOOGLE LOOKS FOR WHEN CALCULATING ITS RESULT FOR SEARCH INQUIRIES! 

That said, I will gladly create well-written blogs that are relevant to your topic and educational, inspiring and engaging to those looking to find you and your products/services!  I will also mindfully add keywords that assist in search engine rankings and create custom backlinks to the products and services you are looking to sell (with conclusion statements that share your call-to-action - like website, email, etc) to further the conversation with you. 

Lastly, we will wrap it up with 3 images PER BLOG that are featuring the blog title and two more images that highlight content therein.  They will have your logo or call-to-action and brand colors! 

Everyone's digital campaigns differ, so feel free to reach out and we can co-create something custom that will work for you and your needs! 


Custom Social Media Images

30 images created and scheduled at $500/mo.

I LOVE creating custom images for my clients!!!! Once I know the requirements (like who your ideal niche audience is, what you are offering or sharing with others, and any colors or logos you prefer to accompany your posts) I begin creating custom, original social media graphics that are yours forever!

Ideally, you want to ensure you are being entertaining, inspiring, humorous and educational when creating content. That is the language of social media marketing - not to SELL at all. Rather, to start a conversation or to appeal to the senses!  After all, BUYING is an emotional choice that we consumers make!

I use my proprietary "Themes That Thrive" to create content that provides VALUE-UP-FRONT to your audience with the intention of BUILDING RAPPORT, EARNING THEIR RESPECT and GAINING THEIR RETENTION (they come back to your page for more),  REFERRALS (they share your content and tag their friends), and REVENUE (they ultimately decide to buy with you after you've shown up consistently and generously with content that is of value to them!)

From there, I will schedule/post content on your social media page(s). This $500 package includes 2 of the most popular outlets (FB and IG). Additional outlets are $1 per image, per post (as I have to re-create the dimensions and content separately).

Interested in Working with Me?

Feel free to shoot me over an email that simply states a few things:

What business or industry do you serve in and what products or services do you offer?

Any links to current online presence you have.

What you’re hoping we can resolve together!

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