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Shortly after, I published a few articles, made friends with a huge mentor, Pam Grout, and then soon came to be the incredibly blessed author with a #1 NY Times Best Selling Author's endorsement from Pam, herself!  She even flew me out and let me speak some of my book's content and comedy to an audience of 500 at the ' I Can Do It" conference in Denver, CO.

It was just the beginning! I began speaking and selling books at various locations, performing more comedy routines, and being the guest on various podcasts! It was such a blast!

I then was asked to teach at the very college I was attending, once I graduated! A HUGE blessing! I began instructing 17-week business development courses, 8-week Intro to Social Media courses and other Self-publishing courses.

My Journey so Far: 

Where to begin? I've been SO BLESSED thus far!  The basics? I am a practicing Christian (emphasis on practicing as He is always changing my heart) a wife, mother of two  (with our third in the oven) and lover of goats. (All other animals are a close second). 

Background: Grew up in group homes, emancipated at 16, joined the service at 17 and served as a military police officer for just under 12 years. Honorably discharged.  Started college at 29 years old. 

While attending the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, I authored my first book, "Egos are Like Farts..." within the first year of studies. By the 18th month, I was using the same material from my book to perform stand-up comedy.  I began using social media to organically share in my experience(s) of self-publishing and essentially, celebrating everything I was passionately pursuing. 

I've since ventured out into freelancing to share all I've learned to those interested in building their business, as well as, offer resources and creation of content to those looking to outsource their digital needs.

Whether you need ideas that are witty and well-received or the actual content itself to captivate and convert, I do hope to be of service to you!

As a Believer, it is imperative to me that I provide value to you. I am committed to excellence, integrity, transparency and passion!  

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